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We're spilling our top secrets to help you make incredible, crusty bread at home!

Jessie standing in a white kitchen.

with Jessie Johnson,
Founder of Life As A Strawberry and Bread Baking Cruise Director at Everyday Artisan Bread

During this special (free!) class, you'll learn:

Man's hands holding three loaves of artisan bread.
  • The single most important thing you can do to make consistent, incredible bread at home.
  • 4 tricks for a taller loaf of bread: We'll show you our favorite easy techniques for sky-high bread with big air pockets!
  • What hydration is - and why it matters!
  • The best flour to use in your baking: Get a sneak peek of our extensive flour testing (the results might surprise you!)


How do I watch Bread Bootcamp?

This class is presented as an online video webinar. Join from anywhere in the world on your phone, computer, or tablet! Click the pink button to sign up and we'll email you with a link to watch the class on your own schedule.

Does it cost anything?

No! Bread Bootcamp is totally, 100% free.

Is there closed captioning?

Yes! This class is fully captioned for easy viewing with or without sound.